Meera Announces to Move Out of Pakistan Permanently


Pakistani Actress Meera has announced that she is moving out of Pakistan for good. The actress who loves to stay the attention of Pakistani media, says she is moving to the U.S. permanently.

Actress Meera who is always in the limelight due to her scandalous personality, has not given any reason for her moving. She has said that she is moving out of the country to the United States for good.

While she did not give any reason for moving out of the country, she did, however; say she will update her fans on the reason through social media. Actress said that this was not a sudden decision, and she is moving to the U.S. with her family. She said it was a well thought out decision and that she already has a green card for U.S. and Canada.

Meera has not only worked for Pakistani movies but she has also worked in Bollywood as well.


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