Meera Wedding: Family Court Cancelled Nikkah on the Basis of Khula


Lahore Family Court dismissed the marriage’s suit jactitation of Meera.

Judge Babar Nadeem cancelled the Nikkah of Meera with Atiq-ur-Rehman. However, he also declared that the marriage suit was false. The Family Court revealed that the marriage contract between Atiq-ur-Rehman and Meera was real. However, the court’s verdict was based on 18 pages. Initially, Meera claimed that she had not married with Atiq. She also said that Atiq-ur-Rehman is just using the certificate to malign and blackmail her.

However, the court expressed that photos and different confirmations gave to the court were substantial and the two were legitimately hitched. In any case, the court watched that it showed up amid the chronicle of proclamations of witnesses that the question began between both two nearly nine years prior over a house.

The court said that both people couldn’t convey forward their conjugal life further, thusly they ought to be discharged of their relationship. In July 25, 2009, the film performing artist had recorded the claim looking for requests to limit her “self-broadcasted” spouse from calling her his spouse. Both of them tried to finish endeavors to build up a body of evidence against each other through various applications, the vast majority of the requests were recorded by Attique-ur-Rehman. Be that as it may, the court said every one of the confirmations were legitimate and the two were lawfully hitched.


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