Meesha Shafi Receives Legal Notice of 100 Crores from Ali Zafar


Ali Zafar’s counsel has sent legal notice to Meesha Shafi, which she received today, asking for her to delete the tweet accusing Ali of sexual harassment of physical nature on multiple occasions. He also demanded an apology on the same social platform which was used to accuse him declaring Ali’s innocence. Failing to do, a defamation suite of Rs1 billion will be filed against her.

The notice said that failing to delete the tweet and issuing an apology on Twitter within 14 days after receiving the legal notice, the counsel has instructions from client Ali to claim damages to the tune of at least Rs 100 Crores.

Meesha’s legal team has said that contents of the notice are false and that Meesha Shafi’s allegations of sexual harassment against Ali Zafar are based on truth, and we have evidence of said harassment against him.

The notice, after speaking of Ali Zafar’s accomplishments and work for the music and film industry, said that Meesha Shafi’s fictional tweet has brought shock and dismay to Ali, his family and fans across the globe. It said that Meesha has used her twitter to mudsling Ali with her tweet.

Background of Meesha Shafi Allegations on Ali Zafar

A few days back, the Coke Studio famed singer, Meesha Shafi, alleged Pakistani Superstar Ali Zafar for sexual harassment of the physical nature and said that she was harassed on multiple occasions.

In reply, Ali had denied all such allegations and said that he is a supporter of #MeToo campaign and respects women. He also said that he will take this matter to the court.

However, more women came out with the same allegations for Ali.

Meesha also appointed Nighat Dad, the founder of Digital Rights Foundation and strong woman’s right advocate and Muhammad Ahmad Pansota as her legal team and requested media to contact them for any further update.



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