#MeToo Firestorm Consumes Bollywood And Media in India


#MeToo Firestorm Consumes Bollywood And Media in India

India’s trending #MeToo movement has bombarded Bollywood with a large amount of allegations as women are stepping forward through Twitter to call out their harassers. The accused include journalists, comedians, authors, filmmakers and actors. These women have sparked a debate about complicity and consent that a man should take.

Unlike American film industry, there has been spontaneous out bursting since the last few days. Moreover, the Indian media is taking full advantage of the situation and circulating every news related to sexual harassment.

Although it’s difficult to say when the allegations started, however, on October 4 a young female comedian accused Utsav Chakraborty, a 33-year-old comedian, of sending her a photo of his penis. More women came forward and supported her accusations against the comedian. Some of them messaged her privately and confessed that he had sent them such pictures as well, and also asked them for naked photos of themselves.

Luckily, Chakraborty admitted to the accusation in a series of tweets, apologized the following day. Now more women have began to share stories of sexual harassment and even assault, some of them being journalists.


On October 6, a publishing website posted a months-long investigation alleging that director Vikas Bahl who had sexually assaulted a female crew member in 2015. His business partner, Anurag Kashyap, is said to have known about the incident but took no action against Bahl.

Bahl, however, has denied the allegations and has not commented publicly.

It has also been confirmed by Kashyap, who has already issued an apology and vowed to never let something like this happen on his “work premises”.


The allegations are ranged from awkward or creepy meetings, lewd behavior and suggestive text messages to aggressive sexual advances and outright assault.

Some of the women have even provided screen shots of private text messages that were sent their alleged harassers, making the accusations difficult to deny.

Many women are already being threatened with legal action for defamation and some of the tweets, naming names, have already been taken down.


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