Nazish Jahangir Survived Kidnapping by Careem Driver


Actress Nazish Jahangir survived a kidnapping attempt from Careem captain in Karachi. Ride-hailing administrations have been involved in different embarrassments amid a previous couple of months. Following the passings of various drivers, the security of the riders and the drivers have turned out to be flawed. The occurrence occurred close Sea View. The Careem Captain, Mashal Khan, fled the scene after his claimed kidnapping endeavor fizzled. The experience left her profoundly in shock and she soon went over the internet to depict the entire incident.

What Really Happened?

Nazish Jahangir relates the episode by saying how inconsiderate the driver was to her when he arrived for the ride. She expressed that the Captain, Mashal, rebuked her for not strolling to the car from where he had stopped it and that he was not her subordinate. She expresses that she disregarded the comments at first since she was at that point getting late for work. Once the ride began, she faced his rude tone, which incensed the driver more. She asserts that the driver began manhandling her and this prompted a contention between the two. Detecting that things were not alright, she advised the driver to stop the auto at Sea View. Things went south from that point as the Captain bolted the ways to the car and endeavored to capture her, not giving her a chance to out by any stretch of the imagination.

Nazish Jahangir began shouting in the wake of moving down her windows and was fortunately spotted by a companion who lived close to the region. Her companion pursued the Captain’s auto. Freezing after the sudden unforeseen development, she said that the skipper halted his car close to the Burger King outlet in the zone and kept running off towards Dolmen Mall subsequent to leaving his vehicle. Not long after this, she called the police. The police vans arrived, in any case, the driver did not come back to assert his car even following 3 hours had passed.

When things went viral on TV channels and social media, Careem reacted. The organization elaborated that the strict action is taken as soon as she informed them about the incident.


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