Nashwa Case: Celebs are demanding action against culprits


Pakistani celebrities are calling out for the tragic Nashwa case. Her death made everyone saddest to the core.

Celebrities like Ali Rehman Khan, Ahsan Khan and Xulfi are calling out for justice for Nashwa case.

Ali Rehman Khan

PHOTO:FILE “The whole country mourns for Nishwa today. Medical malpractice is a scary reality in Pakistan where practitioners escape accountability and criminal sentences. Imran Khan’s govt need to start clamping down on this,” the Diyar e Dil actor wrote on Twitter.

Ahsan Khan


“A hospital is a health care institution providing patient treatment with specialised medical and nursing staff and medical equipment,
But in our country the case is different! How low as humans could we get? Brutality is on the rise right now, human beings are neglecting their psyche to a very low gigantic extinct,” he wrote. “The brutality has reached an absolute pinnacle of evil, the urge to commit crimes has increased! Unfortunately, there are humans in every nation who are “diseased” with this sort of addiction to brutal behaviour! Shame on the authorities, utter disappointment.”



“Saddest to the core. How can a hospital, a place where people come to save their and the lives of their loved ones, be so under-prepared and negligent? Don’t they know their actions can end lives? He further said “It’s a matter of life and death. We lack training in every profession.” He also added “We need to open our eyes collectively and socially to understand that standards for everything need to be raised drastically for the sake of our lives. Our loved one’s lives. This incident broke me.”

Nishwa was administered the wrong injection in the Darul sehat hospital which increased her heartbeat and leads her to paralyse. The medical negligence took h


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