Pakistan’s existence is the Essence of Iqbal’s poetry


In the Land He Envisioned for His People, Allama Iqbal’s Words Live On

Allama Muhammad Iqbal can perhaps be considered as one of the greatest poets of our time. Had it not been for his dream of achieving a separate homeland for India’s many marginalized communities, Muhammad Ali Jinnah would never have been persuaded to help persecuted minorities attain the freedom they deserved. It was through Iqbal’s inspiration and Jinnah’s efforts that Pakistan came into existence.

What remains so unique about Iqbal’s poetry is that it not only enriches the soul but also expands a person’s perspective. Iqbal’s words ignited a fiery ambition not just in the heart of Jinnah but also in the hearts of the numerous men and women who went on to play a significant role in the creation of Pakistan.

The fact that he managed to do all that just by writing poetry seems almost impossible. Yet, throughout history, one can find numerous examples of progressive thinkers using their words as a way of motivating and empowering ordinary men to take up arms against the status quo and rise up against persecution or the violation of their basic rights. Allama Iqbal one of those men and it was through his vision that Pakistan came into existence.

Awe-inspiring pieces like “Asrar-e-Khudi” were enough to drive the youth to develop the keenness and the enthusiasm needed to achieve glory, to finally attain the dreamland they all wished for, a life that would be free of all oppression, slavery and second-rate citizenship. It was Iqbal who foresaw the need for Pakistan even before the oppressed Muslims believed such a thing was possible. It was Iqbal who ultimately became the savior of the Muslims of the sub-continent.

Junoon’s spectacular entry into Pakistan’s music industry breathed new life into this ideology and helped popularize it among the masses. Songs such as “ZamaneKeAndaazBadley Gaye” enabled the public to reconnect with Iqbal’s poems and once again relight the fire of ambition and glory within. After producing many hits, Junoon’s reign of success finally came to an end as each band member went their separate way, much to the dismay of Junoonis, both within Pakistan and around the world.

This 14th August, Junoonis everywhere were in for a treat. Thanks to Peek Freans Sooper, Junoon was reunited to continue spreading the message of peace, harmony and success that they had first set out to convey to their fans, via a perfect fusion of Iqbal’s poetry with their signature Sufi beats. “Khudi”, Iqbal’s soul-stirring collection of words that talk about man’s path toward self-realization, is one of Junoon’s most popular songs and is currently being played as the anthem for today’s nation. The song is simply riveting; the music, soul deep and the video, one that commemorates people who stand out from the crowd through sheer effort and determination.

Sooper Hai Pakistan was once again the lone voice that was able to bring the revolutionary power of Iqbal’s words to the forefront. The brand has showed that love and understanding is what brings people together as well as ensure strong bonds remain for generations to come.

The leading biscuit brand of Pakistan, Peek Freans Sooper aims at portraying a positive image of Pakistan across the globe and we can rightly say that they have succeeded yet again. Hats off to their efforts and Thank You Junoon, the Junoonis missed you!

Long live Pakistan!


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