People bashed Shaan Shahid for criticizing Aurat March posters


The renowned Pakistani actor Shaan Shahid slammed by people over the social media for criticizing controversial Aurat March posters displayed by some women.

Aurat March posters revealed on #InternationalWomensDay were also criticized by Shaan Shahid. He said that these posters were “not freedom” but “verbal nudity” and “do not represent our culture, our values and the respect we have for our women.

Shaan also posted some Aurat March posters and tweeted that #respectforwomenfirst no brother can see this poster in the hands of his sister.

The writer Ahmer Naqvi bashed Shaan over his comments and tweeted that:

After the severe criticism from different people Shaan clarified his opinion about Aurat March 2019. He tweeted that:

The actress Veena Malik also criticized #auratmarch2019 and asked that who planned and funded this event.

However, the controversial march was conducted on March 8, 2019 at Karachi and other cities of Pakistan. Several celebrities also attended the event and elaborated about it with #WhyIMarch.


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