Rakhi Sawant Embraces Ramadan Fasting for the First Time

Controversial Bollywood actress and dancer Rakhi Sawant has made headlines again after announcing that she will observe Ramadan for the first time. The actress, who recently claimed to have converted to Islam and had a brief marriage to Adil Durrani, made the announcement on her Instagram account.

In her post, Sawant requested guidance and support from Allah and expressed her uncertainty about how to fast during this holy month. She also revealed that she will be alone during this period and asked for Allah’s help.

Sawant’s decision to fast during Ramadan has stirred mixed reactions from the public and her fans. While some people have accused her of using religion as a publicity stunt, others have applauded her for embracing Islam and its practices.

Earlier this year, Sawant had made a public announcement about her marriage to Adil Durrani, but Durrani remained tight-lipped about the news, causing speculation and controversy among the media and the public. Eventually, the couple separated, adding fuel to the already buzzing rumour mills.

It remains to be seen how Sawant’s Ramadan fast will proceed and whether she will continue to practice Islam in the future. Nonetheless, her decision has definitely sparked interest and discussion among the public and Bollywood fans.

Syeda Qandeel Zehra
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