Salman Khan Managed To Avoid Limelight During The Court Hearing


Jodhpur: Salman Khan succeeded to avoid the media persons during the court hearing. He came to court for the hearing regarding of killing two blackbucks in 1998.

The court earlier announced Salman Khan five-year jail imprisonment in the case. The hearing was scheduled at around 8:00 am.

Salman is among one of the highest paid actors in the world. However, he was accused of the killing of two blackbucks or antelopes. He arranged with the bail terms during his appearance in the court. In addition, he managed to avoid the media as he entered in court earlier in the morning. However, court hearings usually begin much later in India.

The court rapidly adjourned the case proceedings after Salman’s legal team asked for more time for the appeal preparation. Mahesh Bora, Defence Counsel, said that they will start their argument on the appeal against the 5-year imprisonment from 17 July. However, the prosecution revealed that they were totally prepared to present the case and will also oppose the appeal.

Salman Khan was not the only acquittance in the case. However, four other actors were also acquitted in the court hearing. Earlier, Salman Khan spent 2 nights in the Jodhpur Jail before his release on bail. In addition, Salman also denied the killing of blackbucks and blamed Rajasthan Forest Department to make him trap. Salman’s legal team also defended him by saying that the blackbucks were died because of the natural causes. However, some eyewitnesses claimed that they saw Salman firing a gun.


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