Shahrukh Khan Wants Youngest Son to be Hockey Player


Kolkata: Bollywood King Khan wants his youngest son AbRam to be a professional hockey player. Shahrukh Khan told the news that his son Abram does not play cricket yet, he likes to play football but he wishes his son to play field hockey for the national hockey team of India.

Shahrukh Khan’s Children Create Buzz in Media

King Khan is an asset to the Indian film industry and it seems that his kids are all the buzz in the media as of late. His son, Aryan Khan has been on the social media for quite some time for being a handsome heart throb, having an awesome fashion sense that even his own father has admitted to like. He is studying film making in America and does not want to be an actor but a film maker instead. While SRK’s daughter has seemed to show interest in the film industry and her father said that she is extremely talented. Lately she was in the news for stepping into the industry for the first time by bagging a shoot for a magazine. Her mother had revealed it on earlier at an award show that she was very happy that her daughter, Suhana Khan has bagged this project on her own and that she will not reveal the name of the magazine but she is very excited about it.

Shahrukh Khan Son AbRam

His youngest son, 5 year old AbRam was lastly seen at the Indian Premier League’s match where SRK’s team Kolkata Knight Riders were facing off against Royal Challengers Bangalore. He was seen seated with his sister Suhana Khan, who were supporting their dad’s team. Shahrukh Khan has showed on many occasions that how chill of a dad he is by not enforcing anything on to his kids, but he still wishes for AbRam to be a hockey player for the national team. He is usually seen taking pictures with his kids on social media and he likes to show off his youngest son AbRam every moment he can.


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