Social Media Star Sham Idrees Injured In Accident


London: Social media star Sham Idrees and his friends got injured in an accident in London. Sham Idrees is not a new name to those who frequent social media networks, with a following by almost all the Urdu speaking community of the world. The social media sensation is seen doing skits with a team of talented youngsters who act out small scripts of comedy and such with him.

The Pakistani origin UK based social media celebrities Sham Idrees and his friends were injured when their car had crashed with another on Thursday in London.

Sham himself has suffered injuries on his tongue, leg and right hand. Froggy, his friend, has a concussion and the right foot is hurt. Chuchi has some minor bruising. They are still in the hospital but doing much better, said in a statement by the official twitter account of Sham.

The injured were taken to a hospital for treatment where they are said to be in stable condition.


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