“She is Not Dumb”, Nadia Hussain Defended Meesha Shafi


Nadia Hussain defended Meesha Shafi and said that she is not dumb to make false allegations. She said this during a TV Program and elaborated that Meesha is a wise woman who understands the consequences of baseless claims. Earlier, Meesha’s lawyer, Muhammad Ahmad Pansota, also claimed that she has enough proof or evidence of sexual harassment against Ali Zafar.

Nadia Hussain also said that Meesha definitely has strong evidence against Ali. She said that I believe that she will be a definite winner of the rivalry if she succeeds to provide proofs.  She further added that public should not blame any celebrity for the publicity stunt. Nadia also said that people should not criticize Meesha and Ali for gaining publicity in the recent #MeToo case in Pakistan.


A few days back, Meesha alleged Ali Zafar for the sexual harassment and said that she was harassed on multiple occasions. In reply, Ali denied all such allegations and said that he is a supporter of #MeToo campaign and respects women. He also said that he will take this matter to the court. However, Ali got same allegations from some other women. Meesha Shafi also appointed Nighat Dad and Muhammad Ahmad Pansota as her lawyers and requested media to contact them for any further update.


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