Social Media Fame Painter to Sing With Coke Studio Artist Aima Baig


Talented Pakistani painter Muhammad Arif is going to get a breakthrough in upcoming Aima Baig concert on 14th August 2018, the Independence Day.

Last week, the internet was stunned by the singing talent of a house painter. He became sensation after a Facebook page Akbar Tweets shared an 11-minute-long song video of him singing while painting walls.

The painter, Muhammad Arif, was captured singing Bollywood songs like ‘Channa Mereya’ and his voice touched many including people from across the border. He received immense love, and appreciation from masses. Twitter was full of applause coming from every end.

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Aima Baig Supports Painter- Singer

Acknowledging this amazing talent, singer Aima Baig decided to give him a breakthrough in her upcoming concert on 14th August 2018.

Singer Aima Baig has announced that Arif will be opening her upcoming concert on August 14. She also said that Nabila and Munib Nawaz have agreed to give him a makeover for that day.

In a video she made for social media, singer Aima Baig supports painter-singer as she says, “When I heard him, I fell in love with his vocals. I think he’s super talented and everyone should [support] him.”

Aima Baig is a regular on Pakistani film soundtracks and has contributed to films like Lahore Se AageyNa Maloom Afraad 2VernaBalu Mahi and Jawani Phir Nahi Ani 2, to name a few. She’s also known for her appearance on Coke Studio 10. She is also scheduled to appear in Coke Studio season 11.


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