Spider Man Far From Home:  Marvel’s movie will have a hijab wearing character


Finally, the Muslim representation will be made in Spider Man Far From Home, MCU or Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Zoha Rahman will play the role of first hijab wearing character in the Spider Man Far From Home. The movie will be the sequel of the Spider Man Homecoming. However, Zoya will play the role of Peter Parker aka Spider-Man’s classmate joining him on a field trip across Europe.

Zoya revealed she didn’t know she was auditioning for the film until she was in the room. “I didn’t actually know what I was auditioning for until I was in the audition room,” Rahman said. After signing a non-disclosure agreement that she received a script with the hero’s name front and centre, which was when she found out she would be starring in Spider-Man: Far from Home.

Zoya Rahman said that it meant so much to her. For her to have the opportunity to play a character and represent so many girls that she knows personally and that she love and admire. In addition, she also spoke about her iconic role as Parker’s Muslim friend, which she feels a hijab-clad character will help to break barriers in Hollywood.


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