First Indian film museum is inaugurated in Mumbai, Home of Bollywood


The evolution of Bollywood from the cultural black and white movies till the colorful dancing songs are traced by the Indian Film Museum inaugurated in Mumbai.

This Indian Film Museum is a new home for Bollywood old traces of the movies and culture. This museum is now the attraction for the celebrities and Bollywood lovers. The cost of this first Indian Film Museum is 1.4 billion rupees ($19.6 million). It is designed as a unique 19th-century bungalow and a five storey glass structure building in Mumbai.

“It showcases to the world outside what Indian cinema has achieved in its entirety over more than 100 years,” Amrit Gangar, a consulting curator on the project, told AFP.

Bollywood produces over 1500 movies per year and there are a plethora of Bollywood fans all over the world. The museum celebrates not just Bollywood but also the movies made in the various regions and languages across India.

The government of India has funded the National Museum of Indian Cinema with memorable recordings along with touch screen LED’s from which, the visitors can watch clips from their favorite and memorable Bollywood movies.

The visitors can also see the vibrant hand made posters on the walls of the museum including for internationally acclaimed director Satyajit Ray’s 1955 hit Pather Panchali, and click selfies beside a statue of Bollywood icon Raj Kapoor.

Bollywood is the nickname of Hindi Language film industry and this museum celebrates not just Bollywood but also the movies made in the various regions and languages across India.

The museum takes visitors through “the journey of Indian cinema, from silent films to ‘talkies’ to the studio era to the new wave,” Prashant Pathrabe, director general of the Indian government’s film department, told AFP.

However, the opening was delayed after the government decided to build the new wing, which includes a section exploring the impact independence hero Mahatma Gandhi had on cinema around the world, including on Charlie Chaplin.


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