Zainab Kay Qatil: A Telefilm Will Be Made On Zainab Rape Case


A telefilm Zainab Kay Qatil will be released on a private channel to highlight the Zainab rape and murder case.

Zainab was an 8-year-old girl who was brutally raped and then murdered in Kasur. The strong pressure from the public and media enforced the government to find the accused. However, the culprit Imran was later arrested by the law enforcement agencies. The trend #JusticeForZainab was also gone viral on the social media. However, a telefilm Zainab Kay Qatil will highlight all those events

A private TV channel will now make a telefilm on the tragedic incident. According to sources, the telefilm will aim to create awareness among parents about the safety of their children. In addition, all events related to the event will be also elaborated in Zainab Kay Qatil.

Sohail Sameer will play the character of the culprit Imran. However, Hamna Amir will do the lead role of Zainab. The script is written by famous novelist and drama writer Umera Ahmed. The release will be soon expected on the private TV channel.


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