#ApniNazarMein: Bonanza Satrangi launched the women summer collection 2019


Bonanza Satrangi with their women summer collection 2019 launched the “Apni nazar mein” campaign which is all about accepting yourself beyond conceivable confinements.

What matters is not how others see you, what matters is how you see yourself.

It is time you break the dogma and start to live with sheer confidence.

Satrangi believes self care is the essence of an active life and that the stream of love originates from within and nurtures beyond thought, from how you feel about yourself to how much you inspire others. It is said,

When you love you, the universe begins to alter itself in your favor.

This summer, encourage yourself to appear from a place of love, unconditional acceptance and to understand that

You are beautiful.

As a flower which treasures indefinite and fragrant beauty within surprising layers. Petals after petals, where there is only beauty, in awakening. You do not compare beauty of one flower to another’s and likewise, you cannot compare your profound self to any other.
In you, you are whole.

And for anyone to adore you, you must rise within. Adorn yourself with unconditional respect, consideration and love. Become a symbol of self-satisfaction in #apninazarmein with Bonanza Satrangi.

Choose patterns you feel beautiful in; from feminine floral with striking lines, to geometric designs with flair.

Choose colors you feel good in; from deep to soft pastels, spring pinks to green fields or even touch of youthful neon.

Choose cuts and trends you enjoy; from straight shirts to fun a-lines, tulip or flared pants.

Satrangi Collection has got everything you need for you to celebrate you because this is, the time; you show up, like no one before and find who you are beyond all defined references.

Pick what your heart longs for, style your self-expression and adorn the world you live in with Bonanza Satrangi 2019 Summer Collection because we believe that

You are beautiful;

 And it is time, you see that too.

Our top picks from #ApniNazarMein Summer Collection Vol. 1

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