Aromatic Expression of Love


Keeping the traditions alive, passed onto one generation from another, Shan Foods has maintained its carefully crafted range of spices that bring out the flavor in our dishes. The richness in our meals, the scrumptious flavor, and the carefully crafted balance – none of it would’ve been possible without their magic packed in a box. This brings us to the much awaited launch of Shan Kitchen that took place on the 20th of August at the Shan Foods Head Office.  Celebrating the joy of cooking food, it became news instantly as it gathered heaps of attention on all social media platforms. This was the much awaited surprise following the exciting shopping challenge that was introduced by Shan Foods for the first time ever in Pakistan. It’s all about initiating ideas that blend together creativity and fun to tap into new avenues and keep your consumer hooked at all times!

Shan Foods aims to focus on changing perspectives and stereotypes attached to cooking, by taking smart initiatives to address the matter at hand. In addition, Shaneira Akram and George Fulton were taken on board for the ultimate cook-off challenge after the exciting shopping challenge that was introduced for the first time ever in Pakistan.

In most cultures, being in the kitchen is considered belittling, owing to the patriarchal societal constructs. This couldn’t be any further from the truth. Cooking is an art of its own kind, where maintaining patience and conserving the right balance is key! Here’s to all the cooking experts and enthusiasts who have been given the opportunity to enjoy the process with access to a range that can cater to real people, real taste and become a hero of the real stories.

Shan Foods till date has catered to uncountable consumers, stealing the spotlight at every dinner table. It has been by your side to make everyone’s favorite dishes at home, it’s been a piece of home to carry when you’re across the world and miss domestic meals. It is the tradition, the culture and the richness of our cuisine that is packed in a box.

Food is a language of love and expression and one must encourage the profession and the skills one possesses in order to learn more about the various types of cuisines and explore around the globe. All the food talk has surely got us thinking about our cravings and on that note, it’s time to go to the kitchen and cook something yummy.

Looking forward to more exciting things from Shan Foods and can’t wait for what’s in store for us!


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