Avoid Storage of Meat after Eid-ul-Azha: Health Experts


Health experts have discouraged the idea of meat storage after Eid ul Azha as excessive use of red meat can increase chances of heart diseases, kidney, liver, diabetes diseases.

Cardiologist Dr Zahid Farooq has said that consuming excessive red meat during and after Eid ul Azha can have negative impact on health. Meat storage for several months can be hazardous.

Every year, large number of cardiac and stomach patients are registered during the time of Eid ul Azha suffering due to high consumption of red meat.

He further said that the use of frozen meat could be hazardous for health as it may affect kidneys and cause cardiac problems.

Dr Zahid Farooq said that overeating could cause gastric irritation, acidity, high cholesterol, abdominal contraction, nausea, diarrhea, heart problems, and constipation.

He said, “We, the doctors, don’t stop people from consuming high-calorie food and drinks but as they say excess of everything is bad, all that should be taken modestly. A small intake of meaty food with lots of salad is strongly advised.”

Skipping meals during Eid days as balanced food and drinks at regular intervals is required to control cholesterol.

He said compared with fizzy beverages, use of water was better, as it could help avoid intake of excessive liquid calories.

He also suggested tea after meals during Eid days.

Dr. Naeem Tasaduq , a dietitian at a private hospital, also recommended low-fat dishes during Eid ul Azha and said that would help the people enjoy the festival to the maximum.

He said since most of the food on Eid-ul-Azha was meat-based, use of fat and high-calorie sauces in their preparation should be avoided.

He added that the people’s focus should be on Eid ul Azha celebrations and not stuffing themselves with meat and opt for stroll after a meal to burn calories.


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