Balochistan in Danger, 7000 Children Got Affected by Malaria


Quetta: Malaria is rapidly increasing in Balochistan. Experts revealed on Malaria Day that the disease is prevailing at an alarming rate.

Director Balochistan Malaria Control, Dr. Kamalan Gichki, revealed that 7000 children got affected each year in Balochistan. He further added that every year around 1.6 million people in Pakistan became a victim of Malaria.

Balochistan Is In Danger

As indicated by the specialist, there has been a disturbing ascent in intestinal sickness cases in Balochistan. In 2016, no less than 53,000 cases were accounted for while the number expanded to 75,000 for the year 2017. However, expanding at a rate of seven percent, the sickness has skewered to 29 of the 34 Balochistan districts. He further said that we are implementing every single important measure to end the spread of the infection.

The dangerous infection is regularly transmitted through the mosquito bite. Contaminated mosquitoes convey the Plasmodium parasite which spreads to our circulatory system.

One of the main sources of malaria being spread at a disturbing rate in Balochistan can be referred to the absence of mindfulness about the subject and living in sub-standard conditions. Nonetheless, opportune treatment of the infection can enable which to can be lethal. Government should take adequate measures to save people and especiaaly children from this deadly disease.


  1. Shortage of resources and the medical facilities in such a large province of Pakistan are the main reason to get control the cases of Malaria on urgent basis, I think the federal Government should do there role to provide the temporary camp for the checkup.


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