American Restaurant Bennigan Is Opening Branches In Pakistan


The famed American Irish-themed Restaurant Chain Bennigan had decided to open its first branch in Pakistan. Bennigan has decided to open branches in major cities of the country, with its first branch set to open in Punjab’s capital Lahore.

The first Branch will open in Lahore at the end of the year and people will be able to enjoy one of the most famous American Food Chain in their own country. Pakistan will be the 9th country where the restaurant has decided to start its operations. According to the official announcement, many outlets are set to open in major cities of Pakistan.

The Restaurant is best known for its chef specialty foods and Irish theme and hospitality that just makes the entire atmosphere different enough to give this restaurant an edge over the others.

This was possible due to the Baila Group of Companies in Pakistan and Bennigan signing a Master Franchise Agreement. Parvez Iqbal, Managing Director of the company, said that strict religious rules and regulations will be followed when Bennigan’s opens in Pakistan. He added that the menu will not include any Haram food.


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