Bhit Kohri: A new place for snorkeling, adventure, and picnic in Karachi


People discovered Bhit Kohri, a perfect and new place for picnic in Karachi.

Bhit Kohri is emerging as a famous and new picnic point in Karachi. Many travelers are also considering it as a best place for snorkeling in Karachi. However, underwater sports activities in Karachi such as scuba diving, cliff jumping, snorkeling, etc. are gaining popularity.

Location of Bhit Kohri

Bhit Kohri is located 60 KM outside Karachi and is near to the Mubarak Village and Charna Island. However, it is 45 KM away from the Gulbai / Hawksbay Road. It is better that you will visit this place on heavy duty vehicle due to mountainous roads.

What you can expect from Bhit Kohri: Blue Water, Sandy Beach, Mountains, and so on

The place has everything that you can expect from a scenic picnic place.  The eye catching view, adventurous hills, and a beautiful blue sandy beach will make you amazed. The place is also an ideal place for camping. Here are some beautiful pictures.

Bhit Khori

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