Black Friday in Pakistan: Unlimited Shopping Extravaganza is About to Begin


Shop till the stock lasts, unlimited discount deals, this is what struck to your mind when someone says ‘Black Friday’!

Black Friday is a worldwide phenomenon of a discounted shopping festival which is observed immediately after Thanksgiving to provide ultimate shopping experience to masses.

It comes in the last week of November every year. As the year comes towards the end and the Christmas festivities is about to start, the Black Friday Sale deals open up the massive sales on discounts.

On the eve of holidays, people shop extensively for Christmas. The Black Friday deal offers products of various categories including household accessories, consumer products, electronic appliances, fashion, home & living, kids & baby, health & sports everything is on discounted price at this shopping extravaganza event.

This shopping bonanza is a one-day sale that starts early in the morning and ends at night. Black Friday sale offers even continue for an entire week instead of one day by some shopping centers and online sites.

This shopping festival is for a whole long week that gives the luxury to shoppers to avail remarkable discounts throughout the week.

Why Black Friday is Black?

This question pops into everyone’s mind. What does the word “Black Friday” actually signify and why does it include the color Black.

The word “Black” is normally used to describe something unfortunate, catastrophic, or sad events. However, in this context, Black Friday doesn’t have anything to do with representing any kind of calamity or bad happening. It simply represents the day where most of the things are on super sale, exciting right?

History of Black Friday

This is an American traditional shopping event where sellers used to sell products with less profit in one day of the year. This takes place after Thanksgiving Day observed on last Thursday of November.

On the eve of Thanksgiving Americans exchange gifts and enjoy public holiday on next day. This marks the most valuable day for the dedicated shoppers. Sellers’ offers special Black Friday deals on almost all products without worrying about profits.

This day becomes Black Friday for sellers but White Friday for buyers who are willing to buy Christmas gifts on cheaper rates. This day peoples shop for Christmas Day and purchase items to decorate their home.

Black Friday is now extended its influence all over the world and it has reached Pakistan. People in Pakistan manage time in their busy schedule and make a plan for shopping with family and friends to shop items at good price.

Black Friday Sale in Pakistan

Since the last couple of years, Black Friday sale in Pakistan is getting popularity, demonstrating its success and acceptance by shopaholics out there. It is highly surprising that such an event is getting importance from the people of Pakistan and leading brands are offering discounts ranging from 50% to 80%. The shoppers from the different cities of Pakistan are persistently waiting for this enormous shopping event.

Rush Hours

Rush hours are there in a market as everyone wants to buy their favorite item before it runs out of stock. Shopkeepers and retailers maintain their stock for that day but huge demands in a market can bring the situation of shortage of the stock.

This year different shopkeepers again set best Black Friday Deals to celebrate shopping trend and they’re also ready to face a huge rush. Attractive Black Friday Sale captures a huge market that’s why a crowd of peoples looking to shop through best buy Black Friday.

Black Friday Online Shopping

Pakistan was a bit late to observe Black Friday shopping day. was the first to bring Black Friday notion to Pakistan in 2015, when it partnered with Easy paisa and offered good deals to consumers.

Black Friday online shopping trend started to gain popularity since then. Response from online shoppers is tremendous as several people availed this opportunity of buying on affordable rates.

After Daraz, other online sellers followed the trend and it was explosive. Currently many websites including Daraz, Yayvo, iShopping, Home Shopping and others are offering amazing Black Friday sale.

With the start of November, countdown for Black Friday 2018 shopping festival has already begun in Pakistan.

Controversy on the name of Black Friday

Last year, Pakistanis raised eye brows over calling Friday as ‘Black’. Friday is considered to be sacred day for Muslims; therefore majority couldn’t accept it to be referred to Black. Many retailers and online shopping sites changed the name to White Friday or Blessed Friday after the court verdict.

Last year’s Black Friday garnered too much negative publicity, with a viral social media campaign against it, the response to the sale was anything but subdued.

Retail stores at malls were offering up to 70 per cent discount on clothing items and up to 50 percent on electronics. Some retailers have continued the sales over the weekend. Online retailers were seen offering huge discounts for items ranging from crockery, TVs, mobile phones, etc.


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