Controversial Reham Khan Autobiography Released On Amazon


The long-awaited Reham Khan autobiography is now available online.

The controversial Reham Khan autobiography is published online on Amazon. The autobiography of former wife of PTI’s Chief Imran Khan released on Amazon in selected territories including UK.

Reham Khan autobiography created storm in the politics of Pakistan as it has serious allegations on several personalities including Imran Khan. She revealed the publishing of her book in her official tweet.

Earlier, Hamza Ali Abbasi sarcastically exclaimed that the conclusion of the book is that Imran Khan is the worst person and she (Reham) is the best woman on this earth. He criticized Reham Khan for giving degrading remarks about Imran Khan, his sons and other family members. He further added that he cannot even describe 75 percent of the contents in the book. In addition, PTI spokesperson Fawad Chaudhry also threatened to take action against her.

In reply, Reham Khan has expressed displeasure over issuance of warning over her book. She said that no one has the right to give her a warning. Reham further added that this fiasco is just free publicity for her upcoming book. She added that there is no eastern or western power backing her up in publishing this book. She also said that its not her who is disrespecting anyone but the people themselves are broadcasting this on their own.


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