Dew Gamers Arena Event: Portal Esports was Crowned the Champions


The grand finale of the E-sport championship Dew Gamers Arena Event 2018 brought to us by Mountain Dew and ESL brought in gamers and game enthusiasts from all over Pakistan.

On Sunday 9th of December, the biggest and most intense gaming showdown rocked Lahore at the Expo Centre!

Dew Gamers Arena event called in gamers of CS: GO and DOTA 2 from all over Pakistan and the qualifying teams that made it into the final round were witnessed live at this event.

In the final moments of the tournament, the players on the qualified teams who made it this far fought boldly and fearlessly for the coveted trophy and the Rs.1 Million prize pool.

The shouts outs from the crowd rose higher and higher and the players were at the peak of their concentration. It was a fantastic win and the crowd went wild.

Portal Esports was crowned the champions for CS GO.

The same team Portal Esports won the Dota II title. Both teams were handed over Rs 1 million rupees cash prize along with trophies by Pepsi Co’s Marketing Director Salman Butt.

This was not just a win for these teams, but a historical moment for e-gaming in Pakistan and a nationwide cause for celebration!

Big names of the industry and iconic celebrities like Feroz Khan, Iqra Aziz, Uzair Jaswal, Mahenur Haider, Mikaal Zulfiqar and Cybil Chaudhry were seen at the event showing their enthusiasm for gaming and congratulating the teams.

Suno Chanda actor Iqra Aziz was also present at the Dew Gaming Arena event.

And that wasn’t all! The tournament was concluded by an incredible performance by Strings the band which raised the heartbeats of the crowd.







Thanks to Mountain Dew and ESL, the gaming world of Pakistan has reached a whole new level. Mountain Dew came through on its promise! Bringing us bigger and bolder platforms every year, and we can’t wait to see what Mountain Dew will do next!

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