Female Infanticide is Rapidly Increasing in Karachi


Karachi: Female Infanticide is growing in Karachi at an alarming rate.

During a few months, Chhipa Welfare Organisation and Edhi foundation found hundreds of infant dead bodies from the garbage. However, around 99% of them were baby girls. In 2017, Edhi Foundation found more than 350 infant dead bodies from the garbage in Pakistan. The worst part is that Karachi topped the chart with 180 cases alone. The issue is much threatening in Pakistan as the data is just from the cities where Edhi Foundation provides its services. Edhi Foundation buried more than 70 infants in just four months of 2018.

Chhipa Welfare Foundation also shared their data and statistics. According to their report, 93 infant girls were killed in Karachi. 70 cases were recorded in 2017 while 23 cases were up till reported in 2018. Chiipa’s Spokesperson, Shahid Mehmood, elaborated that we give a proper burial to infants and bury them in our own graveyard. He further added that it costs around Rs. 2,000 for a single burial and we wonder that why people do not give a proper burial to their children.

Why is the Infanticide Rising in Pakistan?

There are several reasons that are promoting Infanticide in Pakistan. Illiteracy and poverty considered as the main reason. However, some social stigmas are also attached to the rising issue. The South Asian region is widely acknowledged for preferring sons over daughters. In some cases, the family and social pressure often enforce couples to kill their baby girls. However, some social organizations believe that the hiding of out of wedlock births is also a major cause.


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