Haier has the stalls flooded with visitors who were all in awe of the products displayed at the stall no 149 of Hall no 4 at Karachi Expo Centre. The DAWN ALL ABOUT LIFESTYLES WINTER 2019 exhibition started on 1st February and will last till 3rd February. So dont miss out and come see us today. Each new launch in each new category was well received by everyone who got to experience it themselves. There were many who personally tried the products and were absolutely pleased with what the products had to offer. There were people who were kind enough to appreciate the Haier Team standing at the stall. Some gave their feedback which is always a plus for Haiers Team.
The new Haier Refrigerator with the FD Inverter became a favorite in the refrigerator categories as everyone found out that the FD Inverter Refrigerator Series is not only energy efficient, which is a plus for everyone these days as the inflation is disturbing everyones pockets these days but also because the product has a smart touch control with Blue turbo cooling that keeps the food fresh for days and the design is one that you want in your kitchen.
Haier FD inverter refrigerator is a dream come true for all the consumers ways to have a refrigerator that keeps working efficiently under all conditions including variable voltage and FD inverter Technology saves energy at the same time and is very light on your pocket.
The stall was a spot for everyones envy a wide range of product lineup and remarkable features that apparently superseded the expectations of the consumers who walked up to them.
Most of the visitors stood in front of Haier LED TV and were mesmerized by the 86 Mega display with MiraCast which lets you connect with your phone wirelessly and without WIFI.
Then for the ones who are bidding farewell to winters, Haier Puri Inverter was a revelation with its heat and cool properties, it also brings to you the new filters which purify the air like never before. The air quality sensor detects the quality of air and improves it to help improve the Air Condition.
The triple drive motor which makes the working of Haier Washing Machine more efficient also became a source of attention.
All the launched products in each category were celebrated by the visitors at the Karachi Expo Center. It was a proud moment for Team Haier that the consumers were happy and wanted to know more about the products of each category. There were Cooking appliances and Deep freezers also were popular among the visitors. The deep freezer are launched with inverter technology and a glass door to make them a user-favorite.
Haier knows that its customers always expect and want the innovative products with leading features. Haier always delivers what is expected of it as a brand and is proud to be our customers first choice in home appliances. Haier believes in coming together to explore more avenues to pursue evolution of products to the best form possible for the consumers who are valued the most by Haier.

Ainy Ather
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