How to stay safe from Coronavirus at workplace


Coronavirus cases are now officially reported in Pakistan and here are tips that you should consider to keep yourself protected from the virus at your office.

The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government’s Department of Relief, Rehabilitation and Settlement have given a rundown of mandates for its workers that are a decent guide in how to help prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus in shared workplaces.

To make sure healthy surroundings for all workers here are some precautions you should use:

People who work in offices should avoid handshaking and hugging and unnecessary physical contact. Because avoiding physical contact may help to prevent the transfer of the virus to others from the one who is affected by this but is not showing any sign.

A person should wash hands with soap or an alcohol-based sanitizer at least three to four times a day.

The system of biometric attendance should stop with immediate effect.  It can help in preventing the transfer of the virus from healthy employees from a sick person via biometric machines.

All towels in the offices should be changed from disposable towels which can be discarded after first use.

Tissue after use should be discarded in the bin straight away.

Touching side railings and doors should be evaded. Because of the chances of health workers can pick up the virus by touching surfaces that a sick employee has also touched.

Safety measures must be taken before using the computer, fax machine, and other office machinery.

If a person at a workplace has a cough and flu, he must take medical help on an emergency basis.

If someone shows symptoms of cough and flu should be worn a mask. It will help to prevent the virus from spreading in surroundings.

Face masks should be disposed of after one day of use.


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