IIFA 2018: Nabila Becomes the Official Hair and Makeup Partner


There is good news for Pakistan as Nabila is announced as the official hair and makeup partner for the IIFA 2018.

Nabila will attend the International Indian Film Academy Awards or IIFA 2018 as the hair and makeup partner.

Nabila revealed this news on her official Instagram page. She said that ZERO, N-Gents, and NABILA will be the official hair and makeup partners for IIFA 2018. However, MAC Cosmetics would be replaced by ZERO, N-Gents, and NABILA.

The acclaimed beautician who has made enchantment with her hair and cosmetics at relatively every honor and mold appear in Pakistan, will work with stars and architects for what is one of Bollywood’s greatest honors service. A group of 75 beauticians headed by Nabila will travel Bangkok for the event. However, it will happen from June 22 to June 24.

Wizcraft, an Indian media and entertainment company, approached Nabila to come on board for IIFA 2018. The makeup and hair stylist previously represented Pakistan on different international fashion events and forums.


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