Mehndi Design 2018 – Decorate your Hands with Top Trending Patterns


Mehndi design 2018 is most searched and adored by women in South Asia and Arab world.

Decorating hands and feet with Mehndi art patterns on joyous occasions is a never ending trend in this region. Whether it is the festival of Eid or any family wedding, no preparation is ready without Mehndi. Bridal Mehndi designs are applied on the hands of going to be bride; where as close family members and friends also choose to apply Mehndi designs for the occasion.

Young girls are very inspired by Mehndi designs for hands and feet to apply on Nikkah and Valima day and also Mehndi function.

Some of the popular Mehndi artists in Pakistan include Uroos Mehndi, Hinaj,  Kashee’s, Rose Beauty Parlor to name a few.

Presently even in western nations, Mehndi art is renowned as a type of tattoo that ladies jump at the chance to get even on their arms and back.

Every young woman needs to look incredibly delightful and brilliant by applying Mehndi. In case you are searching for Mehndi Design 2018 full hands or fingers, feet or for wrist, here is something for you. Enjoy!

Arabic Mehndi Design

The Arabic mehndi design 2018 gives a very elegant touch to the overall look.

Curvy Arabic Mehndi

Round themes make for incredible henna outlines, as they are stylishly exceptionally engaging.

The Crafted Cuffs

The primary concentrate of this example is on the many-sided and thick sleeves over the wrists that are underlined by basic strokes. The trim over the fingers highlights breathtaking flower designs while the paisleys in the middle of lead towards the geometric sleeves. It is an advanced look with an emphasis on the wrist, as opposed to the palm.

Heart Design

The hearts Mehndi design 2018 never appears to be out of form. The imaginative manners by which hearts are being scratched to the hand are impressive.

Jeweled Bridal Mehndi

If you are looking for something for your wedding then this is the perfect design for you. You can see a beautiful Mehndi design on the arm, hand but this time with some pretty jewels that will definitely make you look stunning.

Perfect Bridal Mehndi

You can take inspiration from this heavy and delicate Mehndi design for bride’s hands. It has stunning patterns which will make your hands look amazing and bring in a lot of glamour too.

Beautiful Feet Mehndi Design

A bride’s feet are something every single person notices so they should not be left alone. Check out this beautiful Mehndi pattern. As you can see in the picture that the whole foot is covered with mehndi which makes it look stunning.


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