Qibla Direction Can be Marked Correctly Today By Viewing Sun


The Direction of Qibla can be accurately marked today by anyone by looking at the sun.

When moving into a new place, for a brother of Islamic faith one question always arises at one point in life. The question is, “In what direction is the Qibla and which direction should I pray in?”. Well today will give answer to that question specifically.

The Muslims of the world will be able to mark the exact direction of the Holy Ka’aba today anywhere.

The Muslim Ummah of the world can mark the direction of the Holy Ka’aba at 2:28 Pakistan Standard Time (PST). That is when the sun will directly shine over the Ka’aba according to Met office.

To find the direction, just stick a stick in the ground in a space where the sun is shining. Then mark the direction the shadow is pointing exactly at 2:28 PST and you will know in which direction to pray in.

To see if you marked the direction right, you can match your direction here.


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