Research Reveals French Fries Are Healthier Than Salad


Web Desk: Scientists at Weizmann Institute discovered that deep-fried food loaded with carbohydrates is the best option while cruising past the drive-thru. This theory makes it evident that consumption of French Fries is healthy.

According to Professor Eran Segal, sample of 800 people who consumed the same meal had a rise in blood sugar levels. Scientists reached a satisfying result. Sleeping cycle, physical activities, and bathroom activities of the sample participants are also tracked. The results were shocking. Every human body reacted differently to various kinds of foods. Some food causing sharp glucose spike in one person might have a completely opposite reaction to another.

French Fries Can Be Healthy Food

The scientist finally concluded that there is no harm in eating French fries. There are no adverse effects attached to it. Someone can feel increase in sugar level by eating a banana but not after consuming a cake or cookie. Another person’s body might react differently to this food. Some participants can consume ice cream and sugar level does not rises, but eating sushi might increases it and vice versa.

Universal Diet Plans Don’t Work on All

There cannot be a universal diet plan which you could advice a person. Every individual has a different body structure, and different metabolism which reacts differently to food that they eat. Some food choices can be healthy for someone and can be totally opposite for another person. Life style also plays an active role in defining your healthy eating habit.

Professor Segal explained,

“The huge differences that we found in the rise of blood sugar levels among different people who consumed identical meals highlights why personalized eating choices are more likely to help people stay healthy than universal dietary advice.”

People can experience different reactions to food they eat, depending upon their genetic makeup, lifestyle and microbiome – a bacteria ecosystem that triggers a response to food. Therefore, diet patterns for every individual should be made separately.


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