Saudia Arabia Introduces Entertainment Revolution QOL 2020


Riyadh: Saudi Arabia is moving towards modernization as the government introduced Quality of Life Program 2020 or QOL 2020.

The decision came after the end of a years-long ban on cinemas in the country. Saudi Arabia is now more focused to become the entertainment and culture hub. However, British actor Idris Elba and American Star Katie Holmes are now collaborating with the Saudi Government. 130 Billion Riyals (Around 3900 Billion Pakistani Rupees) will be invested in the leisure and culture programs of QOL 2020 by the next year.

Three big leisure hubs, aquatic center, and 16 entertainment complexes will be a part of the project. However, the aim is to move three Saudi cities into the top cities for the quality of life. Over 50% of the population is aged below 25 in Saudi Arabia. The move will also create around 300,000 new jobs in the country.


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