Sharing Spaces: How to Make It Easier

Most shared apartments or houses are rented to students or young professionals, typically who are new to the city. However, living in a shared house with different people with different personal boundaries can get complicated easily if not kept under control. 

Here are a few tips that can help you make smart use of the limited space, which can lead to healthier relations and easier living.

Be Minimal 

The first step: declutter. Regularly throwing out stuff you dont need would help free up space for not only you but others living there as well. Start with going room by room and being quick about it. For instance, a general rule for clothes is that if you have not worn something in a year, the chances are that you will never do in the future. Once you are done, only then can you determine how to organise your existing space. 

Better Storage Solutions

You can also make the most of the allotted space by installing more storage organisers where possible. For example, you can buy and hang a vertical cloth shelf in the closet for shared items and serve as a divider. Stacking clear plastic containers on top of each other will also create more space and save you time with easy retrieval as you can spot everything inside. For cabinets, you can add stackable shelving racks for utensils. Utilise the space under your sinks too for your cleaning supplies. Mounted shelves are ideal for books. Adhesive hooks can be installed anywhere you want more hanging space. Containers that can be used for under-the-bed storage are suitable for putting away items like off-season clothing, shoes etc.  

Give it a Name

Make it a rule to always stick to your designated storage space. However, if things tend to get mixed up, try putting your belongings in labelled storage units and ask your housemate to do the same. 

Wall Spaces

Dont put up artwork in common areas without consulting your housemate. The same goes for any other sort of decor for example, choose a colour palette for the theme together, and dont buy anything for that area if you dont know the others opinion about it yet.

Make Some Rules

Define your deal-breakers with your housemate. What are your pet peeves? Do you want the kitchen and bathroom counters free of products? Do you not wish for more than a certain number of visitors or anyone coming over after a specific time? It is better to set your boundaries, in the beginning, to save yourself from an uncomfortable conversation in the future. 

Divide Responsibilities 

Always pool in to buy housekeeping supplies. Then divide chores fairly and agree on a cleaning rota that works according to each persons schedule. Having it in writing would make it easier for everyone to remember. If you are not able to fulfil responsibility for some genuine reason, make sure to inform the other in advance about it to avoid any misunderstanding. You can also promise to do extra chores to make up for it in the near future. The point is to put in your share equally when running the house smoothly and effectively.

Prioritise Problems

Pick your battles wisely. If something bothers you, ask yourself first if it is a matter of significance, for example, something that has disrupted your daily life or if it has cost you extra money. But if you feel like you and your housemate can come to a compromise, avoid entering into an argument about it. Finding real estate properties that work for you are hard to come by, so it is better to overcome any minor scruples with your housemate if it means you get to live in a place that is worth the trouble. 

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