Sophie Shevardnadze Became Celebrity After Interview With Imran Khan


Sophie Shevardnadze, the female TV anchor, uploaded a funny video of Imran Khan in which both are visibly running their hands over their head as she reveals Imran they are ready to go on air.

Several people followed Sophie Shevardnadze after her interview with the PTI chairman. She revealed Pakistanis made her surprised and shocked.

Imran Khan by and by featured his charm and his capacity to draw swooning groups of onlookers when after a meeting with Russian TV journalist Sophie Shevardnadze, the shocking female stay woke up to locate that a great many Pakistanis were presently following the reporter on Twitter and other social media platforms.

Elated by the consideration her meeting gathered, Sophie Shevardnadze who herself has an electric appeal and magnetism, discharged a video communicating her joy on her new after and said thanks to everybody for the dumbfounding response her meeting created.

Toward the last of the video which she presented on her Twitter account, the stay additionally demonstrated where her inclinations in Pakistani legislative issues lay by droning an enthusiastic ‘Go Imran’.


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