Surf Excel Ramadan #EesarEkIbadat 2019 Campaign

Children are the purest gems of human kind and Surf Excel continues to remind us of the fact.

The heartwarming, stirring and emotions invigorating EesarEkIbadat campaign stimulated a message of moral goodness by Surf Excels 2019 new campaign Ad under EesarEkIbadats title.
Aside from the fasting and feasting ritual focus in Ramazan; the attributes of selflessness, kindness, caring are what befalls upon each of us as spiritual and moral obligations. Although we young adults and adults tend to forget such important traits, the children never cease to remind us of them.

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Salim who is adorably young keeps his first roza and is wished Salaamati (Peace & Safety) by her mother. He like many of us when we were young thought the prayer was collected in his palms and so he clutches the prayers by placing his palms over heart and runs through the busy market to find his sick friend, careless of the stains and the dirt he catches. On finally finding his friend, sitting on wheelchair, he delivers the Salaamati prayer (which were supposed to be his) saying that his friend should keep the prayer instead of him as a gift and lead a safe life.

Eesar which is opposite to egoism, selfishness and arrogance and is selfless, kind and pure in essence is successfully portrayed by Salims character in EasarEkIbadats Ad campaign.

It reminds us that there is so much more in society to go after than just perusing the noble elements of praying, reciting Quran, fasting and feasting. The Ad is clearly striving to invoke the spirit of Muslim Ummah preaching that it is the little acts of Eesar, care, kindness, selflessness and love that makes our world so much better.

As these heartwarming TV Ads air on media, they circulate a message of entire goodness and positivity. It is not just Pakistanis which are going obsessive with the Ad but all Asians in sum. The response over these Ads are massive and ever-bearing.

Previously in 2018 in the Ramazan Ad campaign of EkNeikiRozana, Surf Excel highlighted how a single step towards people can mend a long broken relationship.

And the most favorite 2017 campaign Ad NeikiEkIbadat in which a young kid shows utmost care to an old-aged neighbor uncle, staying careless of everything else, moved our hearts for like forever.

Surf Excel knows how to use media for good and they miss absolutely no chance to inspire us, again and again!


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