Type 2 Diabetes and Heart Disease Can Be Fatal For Patients


Patients suffering from congestive heart failure and Type 2 diabetes at the same time have more chances of death over the next 18 month, according to an international study.

Diabetes and Heart Diseases are Interlinked

According to medical research, those patients who have diabetes have more chances of having heart disease.  High blood pressure and high cholesterol levels are one of the major causes of heart stroke. The findings of the research are extremely worrisome for the diabetic and heart patients. Around 7 in 10 individuals suffering with diabetes over age 65 have more chances to die of some type of heart disease. About 1 in 6 usually dies of stroke.

Type 2 Diabetes is Fatal

William B White from University of Connecticut Health Centre says:

“Type 2 diabetes accompanied by an acute coronary syndrome needs much more attention, especially in order to prevent yet another major cardiac event.”

Type 2 diabetes is immensely fatal for patients as they have more risk of heart disease as compared to the general population. Medical Xpress states obesity, high cholesterol, and hypertension are the major causes of diabetes and heart disease. Some of the medical drugs used for blood sugar control might damage heart. Insulin used as medicine can also be harmful for Type 2 Diabetes patients as it can lead to heart problems.

Another study claims that:

People with Type 2 diabetes admitted to the hospital for heart failure faced a 24 to 28 percent chance of death on anti-diabetic drugs”.

This means that patients with no additional non fatal cardiovascular problem are facing five times more death risk. This is certainly worrisome and alarming.

Type 2 diabetes can be avoided by switching to healthy lifestyle. Staying fit physically, eating balanced diet , quitting smoking and taking medicine to control it as prescribed by doctor.


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