Type 2 diabetes is reversible, new research reveals


According to a new study by Diabetes Remission Clinical Trial, Type 2 diabetes is no longer a lifelong condition as it is reversible.

Type 2 diabetes is reversible as revealed by DIRECT study. However, it can be achieved by low intake of carbohydrates, by reducing weight by nearly 15kg, and some other changes in lifestyle.

According to the new study, the some individuals with diabetes can get back to normal. According to the British expert of clinical epidemiology, Prof. Rhys Williams, type 2 diabetes can be prevented for life now.

Prof. Rhys Williams revealed that type 2 diabetes now may not be a lifelong condition. The diabetic has to lose only 15kg of body weight and maintain it. With low carbohydrates, mostly liquid intake for eight to 12 weeks and maintaining weight, 46 percent of Type 1 diabetics and 36 percent of type 2 have gradually returned to normal health. Diabetes may return if you put the weight back on.


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