Bill For Rental Control Act will be Passed: Hammad Azhar


The current government’s promise to accept a bill for rental control act for the trader community.

Minister of State Revenue Hamad Azhar says that the flat tax scheme will save the business class from harassment.

The economy can be improved by stabilizing small class traders. Minister of State Revenue Hamad Azhar has promised to accept the bill for rental act control to the trader community.

Further Talking to the business consultation in Islamabad, Minister of State Hammad Azhar said that the promises made by the people before the elections are remembered and their efforts are being implemented.

The efforts are being made to approve the law for rental control act. Moreover, According to Hammad Azhar, the previous governments are responsible for the economic loss of Pakistan.

In the past, the burden was increased without taxing the tax net. Our priorities are to improve the tax system.

Member National Assembly Raja Khurram Nawaz said that efforts are being made to solve traders’ problems similarly.

Also, apply to people belonging to other parties to play their role in accepting the rental control act.


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