DFresh Visits Town to Cater the Busy Online Shoppers


Karachi: The growth of e-commerce industry has boomed due to four prominent opportunities such as growing global markets outside the West, rising smartphone penetration and online access, budding worldwide middle-classes with disposable income and innovating technologies to produce experiential e-commerce.

Online shopping has effectively integrated itself into almost every facet of the modern way of life, with the consumers being able to buy almost about anything off the internet and have it delivered directly to them with a few clicks of a button. Digital innovation, rising globalization, and changes in consumer spending habits have catapulted the e-commerce industry into the midst of seismic shifts. As its said, “Change is the only constant”. No one has interpreted this slogan better than Daraz as it keeps on changing and adding to its e-commerce platform in order to satisfy its customers.

The best e-commerce platforms operate like savvy tech start-ups, their style augmented by data, informed by market fit, and served up to customers the way they might shop for any product — whether online or off. In order to cater to the needs of the consumers, Daraz has once again surprised us with a new service called DFresh. The service is currently available in Karachi and Daraz aims to launch it nationwide. The idea behind DFresh is to deliver fresh vegetables and fruits at the customer’s doorway, a day after the order is placed. DFresh offers an inclusive assortment of mangoes, oranges, bananas, tomatoes, onions, papayas, etc. Consumers can get rare fruits and vegetables easily such as passionfruit, mangos teen, blackberries and colored bell peppers.

Daraz is providing locally produced products by selling them at reasonable prices along with imported grade A and grade B fresh fruits and vegetables.  The biggest risk of buying fruits and vegetables through online websites is that the consumers are worried that they might receive rotten products. Keeping all the threats involved in this new inventory, DFresh has fruits and vegetables which are procured on a daily basis so that only fresh and healthy products are provided to the buyers.

Now consumers can get good quality, sorted and cleaned fruits and vegetables in the comfort of their home. Daraz is offering a special offer for all Karachites by providing free delivery on orders above Rs. 500 to fulfill the shoppers urge to be rewarded for their patronage. Consumers are always in awe of new things Daraz comes for its faithful consumers. After Mobile Week 2019, the launch of DFresh is certainly something that the purchasers needed to stay in the trending online shopping world.

We are excited and hope that Daraz will keep on coming with new ideas which other e-commerce platforms can look up to.


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