Fair & Lovely BB Cream – Makeup with No Makeup


Less is more. We heard it often but beauty bears no compromises. Shopping excessively and not getting the right makeup look? Don’t worry!
We got your back with the new Fair and Lovely BB Cream. Famous cosmetic brand, Fair and Lovely has been leading market shares in cosmetics since 1971 in Asian countries including Pakistan. In 2017, Fair and Lovely launched the stunner FAL BB Cream which is a one-in-all beauty builder with properties of a primer, highlighter and even a concealer!  It gives you the right make-up look and an instant radiance for all sorts of occasions. Moreover, if you are a busy person and have to attend quite a few events in a single day, we have got you covered! All you need to do is apply the BB cream at the start of the day and here you are, effortlessly stunning throughout the day!

Wondering How? Let us guide you.

Makeup with No Makeup – Beauty Wonders with Fair and Lovely BB

We face every day hassles and worry about our look so much. So what do you do? We are sure like many other girls you, too seek a quick makeup strategy and look for Fair and Lovely BB cream. But why Fair and Lovely BB cream? Well, because it’s a true one-in-all and unarguably, the best beauty solution.

Not any average Blemish Balm (BB), but Fair and Lovely BB cream is a perfect beauty solution for you to look surreal in literally no time. It has properties of a foundation, primer, concealer and even a highlighter that helps you achieve a flawless makeup look.

Just squeeze a little amount, apply evenly on your face and hands which are vulnerable to sun tan and enjoy the glow on your face, all day long. Even on way to any destination under just a couple of minutes, this new BB cream will give you an instant radiance for all sorts of occasions.

Unlike earlier whiteners launched and focused by Fair and Lovely, the new BB cream is a one-in-all cream. With texture so smooth and easily blendable density, this cream is much more than just a Blemish Balm (BB).

Multipurpose BB creams are skincare cum cosmetic tool and Fair and Lovely BB Cream, being the multipurpose blemish balm also performssuch wonders and is used as an eye primer, foundation, concealer and even highlighter. Leaving you with loads of money to buy anything you want except expensive makeup. Plus it’s long lasting. It fits well onto the skin and sitssmooth until you remove it yourself. So be it shopping, hangout, wedding and event or anything at all; Fair and Lovely BB cream carries wonder ingredients for you every time; including SP5 15 which makes it a great sunscreen as well. If you are into hacks, then applying the FAL BB Cream on lips before applying lipstick will make you even more happy with the all-in-one cream tube. Blemish Balm or BB is nothing like foundationso you can wear it all day long without worrying about skin.

Mix FAL BB Cream with any blush powder and mix thoroughly. Apply on cheeks for a natural blush and get your perfect look, ready in minutes. No makeup or heavy makeup, FAL BB cream will assist you in both.

It gives you the right makeup look and allows you to wear it anytime and everywhere.Due to the constituents of a great moisturizer, Fair and Lovely BB cream gives your skin an overall fresh look, keeping it healthier from the inside as well.

How to Use: Squeeze a little amount of Fair and Lovely BB Cream on your finger;Tap it on your face and blend all over on skin evenly. Do it again under eye to use it as a concealer. Dab a little on cheek bones to use it as a highlighter or squeeze a little amount on eye brush and use it as aneye primer. For a perfect lip color, apply Fair & Lovely BB cream all over your lips. Then use lip color of your choice. Not only will the cream adjust the color tone on your lips but it will also give your lipstick a smooth and clean look. Do you agree using Fair and Lovely BB cream gives you an effortless rejuvenated skin? Have your say in the comments’ section below.


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