HBL launches Pakistan’s first credit card transactions via mobile through HBL Pay


November 2021: HBL in its pivot towards becoming a ‘Technology Company with a Banking License’ has become the first bank in Pakistan to enable its customers to use their mobile phones as their credit cards and make payments instantly via HBL Pay.

This feature, embedded in the HBL Mobile App, makes the customer experience more convenient and hassle-free. The tokenization technology, which is also used by leading technological giants, enables the HBL Mobile App to create a unique token for each card, which is stored in the mobile phone. Leveraging this technology, HBL will enable efficient digital transactions in a safe and secure way for its customers.

Currently compatible with android phones with NFC functionality, the feature will enable the customers to make payments by tapping their unlocked phones on a contactless-enabled Point of Sale (POS) machine instead of their physical credit cards.

HBL Pay along with other existing features like card activation, card blocking and transactional controls on the HBL Mobile App, has put HBL Credit Cards at the forefront of technological advancement. This product offering will pave the way for HBL customers to enjoy a cardless environment. 

HBL encourages its Credit Card customers to log in to the HBL Mobile App and use this new feature.


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