IMF, Pakistan Scheduled to Hold Talks Today in Islamabad


International Monetary Fund (IMF), Pakistan to Hold Discussions today (Thursday).

The IMF, Pakistan talk will be held today in Pakistan. The IMF mission directed by Herald Finger will arrive in Islamabad shortly to talk to Imran Khan’s new government.

Sources have stated that the Pakistani team will include the finance secretary, governor State Bank of Pakistan and secretary for economic affairs.

“IMF’s mission will be in Pakistan for one week,” sources from the Ministry of Finance added.

“During the talks, Pakistan’s economic challenges will be discussed,” the sources concluded.

In addition to that, the IMF mission is also expected to discuss with officials of the ministries of finance, trade, petroleum, investment and power. Apart from that, they are also scheduled to meet officials of the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR).

Regarding the IMF, Pakistan talk, Finance Minister Asad Umar spoke during an interview conducted last week, “We are in discussion with them, but this is not to negotiate for a loan. Our purpose is to do our homework, in case we want to approach them at some stage.”

However, Umar dispelled the idea of Pakistan facing a financial emergency. He assured the citizens that there is no need to rush to IMF for a bailout.

“Pakistan is not in an emergency situation that requires it to rush to the IMF to seek a bailout,” the finance minister told the Arab News.

“We have neither stopped imports nor imposed financial sanctions,” he continued.

However, the finance minister emphasized, “We need to take well-measured decisions. As a situation emerges, we take steps to manage it. We don’t want to take decisions in emergency.”


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