Surged Load Shedding All Over Punjab as Temperature Increases


LAHORE: Load Shedding increased in many cities of Punjab as temperature rises throughout the province.

With rise in temperature all over the country, Punjab specially is facing an increased load shedding. People had to eat their Suhoor meal on torch light or using emergency lamps.

Lahore Electric Supply Corporation (LESCO) said that their power plants were producing sufficient power. However the transmission lines that are used to provide the power to the rest of the city were unable to bear load. Due to which they had to turn off their feeders to avoid a system failure after the increased demand of power.

People are avoiding going outside during the day in Lahore and trying to postpone work two evening after sunset. The heatwave engulfing the country is expected to carry on till monsoon rains.

Meanwhile, Karachi is also being affected from power outage in the heat and ongoing month of Ramadan. Karachi had just braved back to back heatwaves which had made going outside during day a trial. Karachi had just faced its hottest on Wednesday, with the city scorched by a 45 Celsius. During fast when Muslims have to show patience and not eat or drink till evening, this load shedding was problematic.

People are being advised to avoid direct exposure to sun to the head, use water drenched towels to cool down temperature.


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