Marham’s Collaboration With Turkey for Liver Transplant Surgeries


May 9, 2019. Organ transplants does not have a very good history in Pakistan. Many people have experienced unbelievable issues. People here suffer from several chronic diseases which they are unable to get treated within the country. It is alarming to see how the rate of health care issues in Pakistan is increasing. Many of them suffer because they haven’t found a proper doctor or a guide. While others struggle to find a hygienic place to get treated.

Unfortunately due to the lack of these facilities, people opt to travel to different countries. Organ transplants are not offered in many countries and the countries which offer them are either inaccessible or way too expensive. Looking for a cheap alternative, people travel to India. Specially for liver transplants. Despite several significant improvements over the past decades, Pakistan still doesn’t rank anywhere in a better healthcare system and is still unable to deal with organ transplants properly.

Travelling to India was never easy for Pakistani people but after the neck to neck situation a few months ago, it has become impossible to travel to India. Pakistanis are now kept waiting for the visa approvals and even if they’re granted visas, going to India has become a torture in itself. There are only a few of the people in Pakistan who can actually afford treatment in the USA and other expensive destinations.

Through our different platforms -i.e our forum and facebook group- we have been receiving a lot of questions asking whether we have an alternative to this or not. We got to know that people who were scheduled to travel to India have somehow settled to get treated here. People do not get proper hygienic atmosphere and that can risk the lives of both donor and the patient.

We can understand that affording a treatment for your loved one is a hard decision.  More than 20% people in Pakistan are left untreated because of the lack of opportunities and facilities. This is exactly why Marham has come up with a solution to it. Marham has collaborated with Turkey to provide world-class healthcare and organ transplant facilities to people of Pakistan.

“We believe in this era of technology, our people should not suffer as they do. We will establish more practices across Pakistan to spread our initiative of the treatments in Turkey. This is so that people can travel and get treated at the best treatment destination,” Ehsan Imam (CEO Marham) concludes.

The people who were worried for their treatments will now be travelling to a better destination. Or we can just say the best treatment destinations considered world wide. We are offering you the best facilities at very budget-friendly rates. In Turkey you will be receiving treatments by the hands of the most competent professionals. Marham not only connects you with the doctors in Turkey through our Liver Transplant online clinic but we also take responsibility to execute this. After getting your online consultation done with the doctors, we will get you a customized treatment plan made and you’ll be travelling to Turkey hassle free.  This customized package includes a lot more than just your medical treatment. Your air tickets, your travelling, accommodation, food, lab tests and what not.

Have you ever been to Turkey before? If not, let us tell you that Turkey’s hospitals are considered the best ones around the world. Their hygiene, their homely atmosphere and welcoming staff are the best reasons for you to be there and get treated by the globally renowned doctors. Doctors in Turkey are competent, skilled and also concerned about how their patients are doing.

People are concerned how they’ll be after they return to Pakistan. No need to worry for that too. Along with the best liver transplant deal, Marham also offers an after care guarantee which is; When you get treated in Turkey and return to Pakistan, in case of any complications or questions you’ll be directly in contact with the respective doctor. They’ll make sure you are checked through regular follow ups and are in best shape post treatment.

“We are greatly honored to bring this opportunity to Pakistan”, says Ehsan Imam CEO Marham.

P.S Enjoy the Halal food and magnificent Turkish environment along with your treatment.

Sound’s good? 😉

For more information, please contact at Marham’s helpline 03111222398 or visit


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