NA-1 Chitral 2018 Result Expectation: Comparing with Results of 2002, 2008 & 2013


NA-1 Chitral 2018 is a significant constituency of National Assembly of Pakistan. This constituency was formerly known as NA -32 during 1977 to 2002. This constituency comprise of the whole district of Chitral. The constituency name changed to NA -1 Chitral in 2018.

History of winners from NA- 1 Chitral constituency

In Pakistan Election Results of NA-1 – 2002, Mr. Shabir Ahmed from MMA won with 37179 votes. Muhammad Usman Bashir Bilour from ANP received 23002 votes for second position.

In Pakistan Election Results of NA-1 – 2008, Haji Ghulam Ahmad Bilour of ANP secured the top position with 44210 votes. Ayub Shah of PPP got second position with 37682 votes.

General Elections 2013 were held on 11th May 2013 to elect the members of 14th National Assembly and the four provincial assemblies of four provinces. Imran Khan, Chairman PTI won by huge margin of 90,500 votes, whereas, Alhaj Ghulam Ahmad Bilour of ANP got 24468 votes.

Imran Khan did not keep this seat. First by election after General Elections 2013 were held to re- elect the member for this vacant seat.

In By-Election 22 August 2013 – Results, Alhaj Ghulam Ahmad Bilour of ANP secured top position with 34386 votes. Gul Badshah of PTI got second highest 28911 votes. Muhammad Ibrahim Qasmi independent candidate got 6673 votes.

The 2018 General Elections is fast approaching. The main political parties contending for NA-1 Chitral are PML N, PTI, PPP, MMA, and ANP. Tough competition is expected between all these parties.

For latest updates about 2018 General Elections check out NA-1 Chitral 2018 Election Result page.


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