Pakistan’s First Real-time product search engine launched – Revolutionizing the E-commerce industry


An excellent online shopping search engine is what every user is in a desperate need nowadays. This is because online shopping is preferred by almost every individual who cannot go outside for traditional shopping or do not like conventional shopping because it is time-consuming and hectic, especially for males. Keeping all such traditional and online shopping issues in mind, a phenomenal online shopping website named has been created to ease such problems.

The great minds of Bilal Jamil and Syed Ali Abbas (GIKI Graduates) are behind this incredible website. They have worked day and night tirelessly on this website only to provide a stress-free and calm online shopping experience to its user. is the largest and the first Real-time online shopping search engine of the Country. It has over 3.2 million products from across 210 reliable online shopping stores of Pakistan. and meets all the requirements and expectations of its user. You can search your product from this site without any difficulty. No matter which online store the item is available, will bring it to its user within a blink of an eye.

The website also monitors all products available on all Pakistani online stores. You can find a wide variety of products, be it used or unused; first hand or second hand, you can find any of your desired product. Along with the product’s colorful picture, its prices and all specifications are also stated on the site. also gives a magical filter option to its user where they can not only compare the prices of their required item from different online shopping stores but can also set the price range from the highest price to lowest price or vice versa.

While doing any shopping, be it online or traditional shopping, the main concern of the customer is towards the quality and reasonable price of the item selected. does not disappoint you here too. You can get your desired product with the finest quality and an affordable cost. works 24/7 to provide all kinds of service to its user. It also provides a very steady and swift online shopping to its user. The relaxation and comfort that it gives prove that it is indeed a friend to its user. is highly concerned about its user. It shields them from all kinds of fake information, product price, quality, and all sorts of tricks and pranks that are usually found on many online shopping websites. All the data of the user is safeguarded and is not disclosed to any authority until and unless some serious issue arises.

In addition to this, tells its user on which online store their required product is available and which online store is closest to their delivery address. This eases their confusion about choosing their store for online shopping. User can also track their order.

Advance Data Mining and Machine Learning Algorithms have been used on this website that helps in bringing the product to its user right away.’s homepage interface is eye-catching and colored. This outstanding website can be easily visited through cell phones, tablets, laptops, etc. a

Another feature of this website is that it gives space to its user in terms of the incorrect spellings of the item that is being looked for. corrects the spellings and brings the same product at the disposal of its user.

It will not be wrong to say that is the MOST CONVENIENT online shopping website that Pakistan has till date. It is also the ONLY PLATFORM to have all kinds of products under one sky.


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