Peek Freans Sooper is Back with a Big, Bold Message Sooper Hai POORA Pakistan!

Badleinge Jahan – SooperJunoon World Cup 2019 Anthem

Diversity is power; Peek Freans Sooper is reminding us of that yet again!
Amidst vast green lands and lush forests, under the blueness of the Pakistani sky, Peek Freans Sooper has brought to us a fabulous music video by Junoon, by the title of ChooleyAasmaan/ Badleinge Jahan.The video also hit 7 million views in a week.

The 15 year wait finally comes to an end as Junoon is back with an all-new track after their reunion! This Cricket World…

Posted by Peek Freans Sooper onMonday, 27 May 2019

The song itself is an upbeat number, with Junoons strong vocals and music that is successfully pulling out all the passion and patriotic spirit in us.The music video, however, is the driving force behind the song! It is a spectacular concept that carries a strong message of inclusivity and belongingness for each and every Pakistani. The song is meant to encourage the Pakistani cricket teams performance in the World Cup 2019, however, the main objective behind the music video is far larger and significant that has left our hearts melted & reunited.

Pakistan is a culturally rich and diverse nation. We have around 60+ languages being spoken and 5 provinces with varying cultures and traditions. The uniqueness in every state is fascinating. A land where many religions are thriving, and several cultures are being nurtured; Peek Freans Sooper communicates quite clearly in their video, that no matter how many differences we might have, we all still have ONE thing that brings us all together that is, a love for cricket, and our undying support for our Pakistani cricket team.

A bold concept is prevailing in the music video, which is to support minorities, the underrepresented and underprivileged citizens, communities and areas of Pakistan. Kashmir is also highlighted as a dear part of Pakistan and a special shout out must be given to Sooper, for not sidelining the constant struggles of our Kashmiri brothers & sisters, and showing them as our equals.

Men, women and the transgender, a white collar worker, a fisherman, a young boy and the old aged; there is no image of Pakistan that Sooper failed to draw light upon. Badleinge Jahan has clearly attempted to capture a complete picture of Pakistan.

Pakistanis have declared unity and faith under Crickets banner every single time. This time Sooper Junoon has taken a step forward and is compelling us to celebrate cricket as a whole, as one nation, that includes every single citizen of Pakistan!

SooperkahaiPoora Pakistan, which includes every single citizen as the videos core-concept, has successfully reached hearts across borders through social media. Millions of Pakistanis from all over the world are appreciating the video after its release,with thousands of likes, comments and shares especially from the UK, USA, Canada and Australia. Love is being poured out from all over the world and we are proud for such good media activity driven by Sooper.

Media visuals are reshaping mindsets all across the world and Peek Freans Sooper is making sure they do so with a genuinely real and noble cause behind it.

The Sooper Junoon World Cup 2019 anthem reminds us with a deep sense of nationalistic pride and patriotism that tolerance and inclusivity is a necessity for a country with so much diversity in it.

We all must come together to pray for a victory for Pakistan in the World Cup 2019. What do you think about the Soopers thought over the World Cup Scenario? Let us hear you in the comment section.



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