Prayer timings in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore


The information about prayer timings for three neighboring countries Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia can be seen here.

The prayer timings in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore are available for the convenience of people who are living or looking to travel in these countries. We also mentioned the brief information about these countries

Prayer Timings in Indonesia

Indonesia is the South East Asian country lies between Pacific and Indian oceans. The country has the biggest Muslim population in the world with around 225 million Muslims. However, they are the 87% of the total population. A large number of Muslims live in Jakarta, Bali, and Lombok and you can also check the prayer timings of these cities.

Prayer Timings in Malaysia

Malaysia has a great significance in the Muslim world due to their education reforms, development structure and the geographic location. The country shares borders with Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, and Indonesia. Malaysia has a population of around 32 million and Muslims are over 60% of the total population. Kuala Lumpur is the capital of the country. However, Selangor and Penang are also among the key cities and you can check their prayer timings.

Prayer Timings in Singapore

Singapore is a small but also a well-developed country. They have a population of just 5.6 million people. However, in terms of religion, the country is characterized by different religious beliefs. On the other side, Muslims are also in significant numbers and are around the 14% of total population. You should the prayer timing schedule if you are planning to visit this amazing country.


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